Our history

Just as Plants take care of the Earth, we take care of you.

Limarosa is a Portuguese brand of natural products to support and empower you at every stage.

Nature is the legacy that each formula pays tribute to and your well-being is our mission.

The formulations are practical and simple to include in your daily life and support you in rewriting a new relationship with yourself, your history and the planet.


“Rescuing and enhancing your innate and ancestral healing wisdom is my mission”

Hello, I’m Rita, passionate about helping you, you woman, to rescue and enhance your innate and ancestral healing wisdom through the power of plants and modern science.

It all started during my clinical practice, where I recognized that there were no natural, practical, effective and safe options for the different needs felt, mainly during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.

I really wanted to create these solutions taking into account:

  • the current context of busy, villageless lives in which most of us mothers live.
  • that we continue to be women experiencing the greatest rebirth that is motherhood.
  • honoring the work of healthcare professionals who daily support families to navigate each challenge.

Our mission

Bringcomfort and
supportfor all phases.

Therefore, I improved each recipe with the experience of 3 decades of experts in the field.

Today, the brand reaches thousands of pregnant women and new mothers who rely on natural, safe and effective solutions to care for their baby and calm the main discomforts felt at each stage.

Come with me to discover this extraordinary world of plants!


“This modern apothecary with ancestral wisdom is the honest sharing and extension of my journey as a woman, mother, professional and eternal learner of herbalism.”

Our products

Pure Gifts from Nature, wrapped with love and safety in a Laboratory, delivered with care to your Home.

Our formulations are packed with nutritious, potent medicinal plants and ethically harvested, toxin-free ingredients.

Everything has a beneficial purpose for your well-being, there are no artificial flavors, perfumes or dyes.

All raw materials, packaging and practices respect your body, animals, plants, the planet and current safety regulations.

Our Commitment to you

We make ancient herbal wisdom into modern daily allies for women
that are committed to their well being and the planet.

Based on Medicinal Plants

Bio and Vegan

No Nasties

Fair trade and not tested on animals

Formulated by an Herbalist

Recommended by healthcare professionals

Considered "Essential" by +3,000 families